Monday, June 8, 2009

Weddings, Weddings, Weddings

I have finally recovered from the weekend both physically and mentally and am able to go over all the good things happening. First of all, I was honored to do day of wedding coordination for a good friend, Alana and her now husband, Ben. The wedding was absolutely beautiful and included some lovely details that I was lucky enough to be apart of the swirled petal aisle.

I will also be painting Alana's gorgeous bouquet of peonies as a gift to her. I'm so excited about this painting because of all the color.

Since I was working a wedding on Saturday, I had to make special arrangements for another bouquet that I will be painting for my biggest promoter...Cathi. She will be giving this one for a gift as well.
I drove up to Libertyville on Friday to take pictures at the florist...Buss Florals. This bouquet turned out to be very photogenic, so it will be interesting to see what compositions develop from it.

And finally, Brian and Rachel have allowed me to pick their painting composition that will be their wedding gift. Here's what I've chosen....what do you think?!

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