Monday, April 29, 2013

Secret Painting Revealed

It's finally starting to feel like spring around here with the hint of warm weather peaking in and the tulips popping up.  With crazy Chicago weather though, I can't help wonder if it might snow next week.  It all makes me think that just a month ago, we were all bundled up and dodging snow flakes....and I was working on a secret painting.  Many of you that attended events I was painting at or follow me on Instagram found me working on a painting that I didn't say too much about.  Well, the jig is up!  I can now reveal the 5 year anniversary gift I was keeping under wraps for fear of ruining the surprise.

The story is great.  I was hosting a gathering of neighbors for a friend's birthday at my condo...some of which had never been to my place before or even knew what I do for a living.  After giving the 800 square foot tour (it was a fast one), I found one couple lingering in my studio in awe of my profession.  Who knew this talent was just down the hall from them?!  They were cute.  They liked my stuff. The end.

Not so fast...the next day, Ben (of Ben and Stephanie aka "cute couple") emailed me stating he was interested in a painting for his and Stephanie's 5 year anniversary.  Contract emailed, contract signed and images sent back, a painting began!  It was all so effortless.  Had I known I had a commission waiting a few doors down from me, I might have backed muffins and brought them over earlier in my residence in this building.

Since I wasn't able to show off anything during my process, I've saved everything for this post.  If you print off all the images, you can make yourself a fun fast flip book.

And voila'!

The nice thing about having a client as a neighbor is that you can revisit your work anytime.  I'm sure Ben and Stephanie will love having me come by with my dinner every now and then to just park myself in their bedroom to look at the painting while I eat.  I didn't realize I was getting myself into a job with the most ideal client when I started this project, and I'm certain they didn't know that they had met their new bff.  Ha!

In all honesty. Ben and Stephanie could not be better neighbors, clients or friends.  How lucky am I to live in the vicinity of such great people?!  I definitely owe them some homemade muffins....

Happy Monday!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Floral Fairy World with Françoise Weeks

Still swooning over my trip to Portland, I am dying to share more details about all of the wonderful people I met with.  There's one in particular that I have been asked about multiple times from my peers.... Françoise Weeks.  "What was she like?", "Isn't she wonderful!", "Was her studio amazing?".....
Well the answers: Wonderful, yes and yes.

Ok, here's a more thorough recap.

I took the bus from downtown Portland to this lovely little tree lined street where everyone's flower beds were just bursting with color already.  Portland is a bit ahead of Chicago with Spring's arrival.

Françoise has the most perfect studio.  Detached from the rest of her home, it is a quaint oasis to create and meet and inspire.  This is truly what I dream of having someday...but filed with art supplies.

My timing couldn't have been better.  Françoise had a couple of her woodland bouquets made up that she eagerly showed me.  I'll be honest...I have never seen floral work like this, and especially up close.  The variety of materials she uses allows every square inch of the bouquet to be completely different and lead your eyes to about a million different places.

Can you imagine the paintings I could create from these fairy landscapes?!!!  A client would have one heck of a time trying to decide between the infinite number of completely different compositions I could put together.  These are truly places I'd want to shrink myself down into and walk around in.

 After our 2 hour meeting that we both seemed to want to extend, Françoise gave me a tour of her lovely garden that was already in bloom.

The variety of hellebores were magnificent, and her approach to her garden was inspiring.  Mostly perennials, Françoise's home is surrounded by an enlarged version of her bouquets: lots of texture and variety that you have to take time to stop, look and enjoy.  She is one of the most dearest women I have met in all my floral escapades.  The thought of painting one of her bouquets would be an absolute dream come true.  I feel like the experience of painting a woodland bouquet may be one of the most purest ways to enjoy it.  The amount of time that would be put into exploring every part and detail would create a true intimacy with such skill.  I can only look forward to that day!  Until then, thank you Françoise for being such a gracious host to me during our special time together.  I look forward to our next visit!!!

Françoise Weeks
Portland Oregon

Monday, April 22, 2013

April in Paris Event

I'm back from my trip to the upper corner of this lovely country and diving back into painting full swing.

Continuing my quest to finish Raj and Joe's painting, I'll be working on it live at an adorable event tomorrow evening (Tuesday) at The Left Bank.  You can catch me painting in the window!

Happy Earth Day!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Letters from the Pacific Northwest

I am writing this from a cute coffee shop (one of many) in the heart of downtown Portland.  My sister departed today, so I am spending the next 3 days on a solo work-cation.  Having never been to this part of our lovely country before, I am finding the people, culture and scenery quite pleasant.  Though I'm not ready to start my dreadlocks, dye my t-shirts and pack my bags to move out here, I'll gladly take the extra few days in another part of the world.

One of the things I was most looking forward to about this trip was getting back to some nature.  My sister and I were lucky enough to make a pit stop in Eugene, OR, about 2 hours outside of Portland.  The surrounding scenery was magnificent and we completely dove in with a walk up Mount Pisgah.  I embraced my inner flower child by stopping every few 100 feet to take pics (and catch my was a hike!).

I am hoping to make it out to the Rose Gardens tomorrow to get in some more nature now that I'm back in a city.  I also have a couple of meetings setup for Tuesday with some fantastic local florists... Geranium Lake and Francoise Weeks.  I cannot wait to meet these amazing women.  I met with Anastasia Ehlers last week while in Eugene, and she was an absolute delight.  It is completely understandable that being a florist out in the Pacific Northwest breeds a kinship with one's surroundings and all that is locally sustainable.  They are in full bloom here!  How could you not be inspired by all this....

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Tomorrow, at the butt crack of dawn, I will be on a plane westward bound for the beautiful state of Oregon.  I promise to keep you posted via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, but for right now, I want to jump back to this past weekend.

The long awaited and planned out event, FORM, took place this past Friday.  It was an absolute success thanks to all that were involved....the list is impressive....
- the Chicago Artists Coalition
- Goose Island
- Cello Via
- St. Germain
- Elysia Root Cakes
- Classic Party Rentals
- Heather DeCamp Photography
- Jessica Cochran Projects

Talk about a dream team.
The treats and drinks were tasty, the crowd was on point and we raised some funds for the CAC.  Couldn't have asked for a better night.

Be sure to check back on the FORM Facebook page for images by Heather DeCamp...coming soon!!!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

FORM: ART + floral

I'm plugging away at Raj and Joe's's a tricky one.  I'm actually working on the hardest portion of the painting right now, so I'm hoping once this area is finished, it will be smooth sailing from here on out.  They always say to climb to the top of the mountain first so that you can enjoy the view going down.  This painting is going to hold up to this mindset.

So what do you have planned this Friday?  Hopefully you have bought your ticket to this year's FORM: ART + floral event.  If you haven't gotten your ticket yet, I hope it's because you are going to buy it at the door.  Here is the invite:

To purchase tickets ahead of time, please click HERE or visit

Did I tell you that we will be raffling off a piece of mine?  This is your chance to own a Reenie Rose piece of artwork for only $20 (raffle ticket price).  That's a deal and a half!  So, again....go buy your tickets HERE or visit!!!  See you Friday!