Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Allie and Tom Update | Peonies in July

Allie and Tom's wedding went off without a hitch on Saturday...despite the unusually cold July weather.  Take a look at the blushing bride and her parents:

After finishing my last painting and having a mini break, I was awfully anxious to start my next painting.  Over the weekend I put some compositions together, but had to wait to return to Chicago before any paint could hit a canvas.  So yesterday, I finalized a composition and got to work!

Check out the composition:

So beautiful, right!?  I'm still beaming that the lace from Allie's mom's wedding dress fit perfectly into this frame.

Can't wait to start painting tomorrow!

P.S.  Does my background look a little green to you?  Don't adjust your screens, but definitely check back for my reasoning behind this color switch up!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Lake Bouquet | Preserving Greatness with a Group

Hooray for Friday and hooray for new paintings!
I'm already up in Wisconsin for the weekend and prepping for my next work of art.  One of the girls up at my cottage is getting married to her sweetie this weekend, and not only will I be a guest at this event, but I am also creating a painting as a gift to them too.  Instead of being ubber generous like I use to be back in the day, I have decided to make this a group gift and have all of my lake family go in on it together.  Another great group gift idea!  I even setup a registry on my website to make this easier for everyone looking to be involved (check it out HERE).

So today, mom and I went out to rural Wisconsin on a rainy day to take photos of Allie's bouquet.  It's been awhile since I've done this, so it was really nice to be the one to get the first look at the bouquet.

I even brought along my trusted assistant to help with lighting...

She hates her job.  ;)

This is going to be such a sentimental painting for so many reasons.  First off, you can't beat a gift from the lake family.....we love each other without any blood relation whatsoever.  Secondly, Allie's stems are wrapped with a swatch of lacy fabric from her mom's wedding dress.  Thirdly, Allie's sister, Bobbijean, was married two years ago and her wedding bouquet was all white and ivory roses.....Allie's has a touch of these as well.  The whole bouquet represents family of all sorts.

I'm ready to put my dancing shoes on and hit up this wedding tomorrow night....then throw my apron back on for some painting.  Enjoy your weekend and get ready for some more painting updates!

Monday, July 22, 2013

D.I.Y. Video | Drab to Fab

My entrepreneurial tendencies were derived from a love of crafts in my early youth.  I know I've mentioned my craft fair organizing as a 9 year old before, but it seems as if I am reverting back to some nostalgic skills.  The crafts always came out on rainy days.  Seeing that we have had above average summer days, my so called "rainy days" have become the days without a painting to work on.  I am currently in-between paintings (the wedding is this weekend for my next one), so I've decided to pick up where I left off 20 years ago and craft.

To me, crafting isn't just about keeping busy, it's about using my skills to make something functional.  I have all of these canisters from tea laying around with various things in them.  For some reason, I just can't throw them away.

Photo courtesy of Jennifer Kathryn Photography
Looking drab in my cheery studio, I decided to do something about it and share the wealth too.  I made a video of the transformation.  It's a rather simple project (apes could probably do it), but it's something that could spark a transformation in your life by adding glitter, using glue or just getting a new outfit to bring you from drab to fab.  Enjoy and get ready to see more videos of diy projects and tricks of the trade!

Do you have any DIY projects or tricks of the trade that you'd like me to feature?

Friday, July 19, 2013

Annie and David's Painting Reveal

I had another amazing painting delivery yesterday that I am so glad I was able to catch on camera to share with you.  Annie's reaction was priceless.  David, a rather quiet individual, had the nicest compliments as well.

A saw the wall that this painting will call home and bonded with Annie over a glass of wine.  I think this painting will be quite happy here.

Thank you again Annie and David!!!!  You are such a sweet couple that I look forward to seeing again and again!!!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Hot Off the Press: Painting Finished!!

Annie and David's painting is finished!!  The weather is 90 degrees, and I feel like this piece fits the bill for summer.  Hot hot hot!

I will be delivering this painting later this week/early next week, so I am hoping to have another reveal video to share with you.  Annie has purposefully not been following the blog posts in order to be surprised.  Can't wait to show her this one!

What do you think...if you were receiving a painting, would you follow its progress along or wait to be surprised?  I'm way too impatient for surprises!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Reenie Rose Vine Videos

How is it Wednesday already?!  I hope you all enjoyed your 4th of July weekend as much as I did.  Back to the grindstone now....and with some excitement.  I'm working hard to finish Annie and David's painting this week in order to start sharing a few different things with you, including another extended video.  I say extended cause I just discovered Vine and the short snippet videos you are able to create with this app.  I'm still trying to get the hang of the length limit and choppiness that can ensue if you aren't careful, but it's really a neat way to capture bits and pieces of life.  It's the Twitter of video.

To check out my one video and the many to come, find me under Loreen Rose and start following my adventures.  I have a thistle I'm going to attack in this painting next and plan on trying my hand at some filming while painting.  Fingers crossed my phone doesn't end up in a pile of paint.

Have you tried Vine yet?  What are your tips and tricks to making a video via your phone?

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Baby's and Paintings and Florists Oh My!

It's July.  Doesn't seem right.  What does seem right is the long weekend I have ahead of me.  I can't wait to enjoy the holiday weekend up at my cottage with my lake family.  We'll enjoy nothing by food, sun (hopefully) and each others company.

My friend (and client), Brian, will be missed in Wisconsin this weekend but for good reason.  Brian and his wife Rachel just welcomed Eleanor Jane into their lives last month.  She is a sweet little peanut.

Checkout that painting in the back!  I love seeing my work in its final home.  I really love seeing the reactions to my paintings as well.  Amidst caring for a new baby, Brian was kind enough to send over a couple of pics of Madi receiving her wedding gift from Brian and Rachel.

I can already tell that she loves it.  That's enough for me.

And one final tie in to this cast of characters and paintings....Madi's florist!  The bouquet Becky from Beco Flowers created was absolutely amazing.  I mean, really...there was cotton AND a succulent in it! I just had to meet Becky.  So, thanks to the internet, I am able to share a bit more about Becky and more of her delightful work.  Enjoy!

1.  How long have you been in business?  
Since 1999

2.  Gotta ask...what’s your favorite flower?  
I love ALL spring flowers--everything from peonies, hyacinth, allium, daffodils, lilac, etc. But, my personal favorites are 'poeticus' narcissus aka pheasant eye narcissus and any variety of double, fragrant narcissus such as 'cheerfulness' . The narcissus flower and fragrance brings me back to my childhood. I am obsessed with them!

3.  Toot your own horn....what’s your specialty?  
We love weddings with pretty, gardeny flowers that incorporate lots of texture with beautiful color combinations. I'm great at sourcing unusual fresh flowers and fresh product to surprise and delight my bride's and customers.

4.  What would be your dream creation?  
A gigantic bouquet done in the style of a Dutch masters painting.

5.  Craziest request you’ve had?  
A oversized floral peacock for an upcoming wedding!

6.  What do you like about working in the wedding industry?  
Collaborating with bride's on their weddings. Constantly changing trends and colors keeps our design senses sharp. Plus, there is nothing better than a thrilled bride at the end of the day. I also love to see the photos of our finished work.

7.  What is something you wish your clients knew about your job?  
There's a lot of behind the scenes work to get to the finished product. Some of it is not so glamorous!

8.  When you are not working, what are you up to?  
I enjoy cooking, gardening, traveling and spending time with my 3 1/2 month old twins.

9.  Anything new and exciting coming up that we should know about? (either professionally or personally)  

My twins are new and exciting!

Beco Flowers
Kansas City, Missouri

Thank you so much Becky!!!  Have a star spangled 4th of July everyone!!!