Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Baby's and Paintings and Florists Oh My!

It's July.  Doesn't seem right.  What does seem right is the long weekend I have ahead of me.  I can't wait to enjoy the holiday weekend up at my cottage with my lake family.  We'll enjoy nothing by food, sun (hopefully) and each others company.

My friend (and client), Brian, will be missed in Wisconsin this weekend but for good reason.  Brian and his wife Rachel just welcomed Eleanor Jane into their lives last month.  She is a sweet little peanut.

Checkout that painting in the back!  I love seeing my work in its final home.  I really love seeing the reactions to my paintings as well.  Amidst caring for a new baby, Brian was kind enough to send over a couple of pics of Madi receiving her wedding gift from Brian and Rachel.

I can already tell that she loves it.  That's enough for me.

And one final tie in to this cast of characters and paintings....Madi's florist!  The bouquet Becky from Beco Flowers created was absolutely amazing.  I mean, really...there was cotton AND a succulent in it! I just had to meet Becky.  So, thanks to the internet, I am able to share a bit more about Becky and more of her delightful work.  Enjoy!

1.  How long have you been in business?  
Since 1999

2.  Gotta ask...what’s your favorite flower?  
I love ALL spring flowers--everything from peonies, hyacinth, allium, daffodils, lilac, etc. But, my personal favorites are 'poeticus' narcissus aka pheasant eye narcissus and any variety of double, fragrant narcissus such as 'cheerfulness' . The narcissus flower and fragrance brings me back to my childhood. I am obsessed with them!

3.  Toot your own horn....what’s your specialty?  
We love weddings with pretty, gardeny flowers that incorporate lots of texture with beautiful color combinations. I'm great at sourcing unusual fresh flowers and fresh product to surprise and delight my bride's and customers.

4.  What would be your dream creation?  
A gigantic bouquet done in the style of a Dutch masters painting.

5.  Craziest request you’ve had?  
A oversized floral peacock for an upcoming wedding!

6.  What do you like about working in the wedding industry?  
Collaborating with bride's on their weddings. Constantly changing trends and colors keeps our design senses sharp. Plus, there is nothing better than a thrilled bride at the end of the day. I also love to see the photos of our finished work.

7.  What is something you wish your clients knew about your job?  
There's a lot of behind the scenes work to get to the finished product. Some of it is not so glamorous!

8.  When you are not working, what are you up to?  
I enjoy cooking, gardening, traveling and spending time with my 3 1/2 month old twins.

9.  Anything new and exciting coming up that we should know about? (either professionally or personally)  

My twins are new and exciting!

Beco Flowers
Kansas City, Missouri

Thank you so much Becky!!!  Have a star spangled 4th of July everyone!!!

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  1. I absolutely LOVED the bouquet with succulent and cotton!! It was amazing!! I look forward to seeing more of Becky's work! Oh and how gratifying to see your work go up on your client's wall!! You should be so proud of yourself ;) xoxo