Friday, September 27, 2013

The Warm and Fuzzies of Gift Giving

At the beginning of the week I simply delivered a painting.  Three days later, I have had so many sweet accolades that I don't know what to do with myself, a client that now feels like my long lost fairy godmother with a daughter I've never met but have a feeling we could become bff's and even more pictures to share.

Lynda sent these pics to me of Kaitlyn and Mike receiving their painting.  I'd advise printing them all out and making your own flip book....I know I did.

Adorable, right?!!!!

If I'm going to introduce you to Lynda, I might as well give you a little insight into Kaitlyn:

 I'm small peas and carrots when it comes to blogging.  I mean, readership has gone up since getting in contact with Lynda, but I am by no means "a blogger".  Kaitlyn is A BLOGGER.  So much so that her blog, Sisters Marie's tagline is "Because we love blogging."  Filled with fashion, trends and Pinterest inspirations, Kaitlyn and her sister-in-law keep this blog consistently fresh and a great lead into their other businesses: BISTM (Because I Shop To Much) and BTGTF (Because They Grow To Fast).  Both sites stem from the concept of buying, selling and swapping clothes with's social and economical!  Brilliant!  Take a look at all of the sites mentioned and watch their about video...I love that they are two girls just chillin in the sun at a patio table chatting like you and me would.  So fun.  We are totally on the verge of becoming bffs...until Kaitlyn realizes that my fashion sense is mediocre!  At least I have painting in my corner!

Enjoy your new piece of art Kaitlyn and Mike!!!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Kaitlyn and Mike's Painting Revealed!

I've been holding out on revealing Kaitlyn and Mike's painting in order to keep the finished product a total surprise (minor slip up happened already....take a look at the comment the bride made in THIS post...ah well).  Last night the painting was presented to the couple, so I know that it has landed in the hands of its final destination.  So....

Oddly enough, the best part of this post to me is not really the final painting, but getting to share with you my meeting with Kaitlyn's mom, Lynda...the gift giver.  Sorry to all my previous clients, but I think Lynda has topped out as my most favorite client ever.   I met her at a Starbucks, we talked for an hour and a half, she left with a painting, and I left with a box of chocolates as a bonus....can't beat that.
Really though, I was explaining to Lynda that I don't often get to see the reactions of my clients or the painting recipients, so when I get to experience this moment, it is very special to me.

And this is why I do what I do....

What a priceless reaction!

I am dying to hear how Lynda's dinner party went last night, and what her daughter's final reaction was.

Oh I could go on and on with compliments about Lynda and what a special mom she is, but you should take a look for yourself and visit her adorable blog....Lake House Lyn!

Congratulations to Kaitlyn and Mike for being the new owners of a Reenie Rose painting!  Cheers to many more years of wedded bliss, and a HUGE thank you to Lynda for being so fabulous!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Meet the Photographer | Gina & Tony

Progress is being made on Kaitlyn and Mike's painting....faster than you can say two licks of a kitten's whisker.  I won't tease you with a bunch of details, but instead give you the skinny on the latest update and show off the awesome photographers that were able to capture the bouquet for me to paint...Gina & Tony | Photographers.

Ha! Only bits and pieces left. You can guess what my next update will be!

Let's talk photos now. I am always so thankful when I'm paired up with photographers that make my job so much easier. It really is a humbling experience when you have to rely on someone else's work and the time frame in which they give it to you to make even a fraction of your business possible. Without ever having met them, Gina & Tony | Photographers were incredibly accommodating. I'd request some photos, and BOOM, they were sent. I'd request a couple more, and POW, I'd have them that day. They were my own personal super heros on this project, which makes me very excited to share them with you.....

1.  How long have you been in business?
We've been full time wedding photographers for five years now!

2.  Toot your own horn....what’s your specialty?
Oh that's a tough one. We're both pretty good with a camera, but Tony is awesome at getting a bridal party to feel comfortable and look great in photos and Gina is a Photoshop whiz!

3.  Who or what are your favorite subjects to photograph....your dream photo session?
People having a great time. It doesn't matter what you look like, if you're having a blast with the person and/or people around you that shows up in the photos every time! Our dream session would consist of two people that are completely in love, light sabers (for Tony), and a beach in Fiji (for Gina... and Tony too).

4.  Craziest thing you’ve captured on camera?
Once we were shooting a bridal party in a park and accidentally stumbled into the battlefield of a large group of LARPers (Live Action Role Players). Luckily the head mage suggested a big group photo and even let the groom hold a (padded) sword.
5.  What do you like about working in the wedding industry?
We get to go to an epic party every week! What's not to love?
6.  What is something you wish your clients knew about your job?
For every hour we spend shooting, we spend about four more hours loading those photos, culling and editing those photos, designing albums and products with those photos, and answering emails about those photos. Except for those few days a week when we have shoots, we spend most of our lives in a small, dark, room typing, clicking, cropping, and zooming.
7.  When you are not working, what are you up to?
Playing with our 3 year old Goldendoodle, Caesar. Watching lots of cheesy sci-fi shows. Eating our way through Chicago.
8.  Anything new and exciting coming up that we should know about? (either professionally or personally)
We're having a baby! Our little guy or gal should be making their grand entrance sometime in late January. :D

I am going to have the chance to work with Gina & Tony again this November with one of my day of clients.  After reading their interview, I can't wait to get to know this dynamic photography duo a little bit more.  They sound like too much fun!

And finally, let's not forget our adorable couple, Kaitlyn and Mike!!!

Love fest!!!  Thank you Gina & Tony for sharing your talents with Reenie Rose.  We'll see you again in November!!!

Gina & Tony | Photographers

Monday, September 16, 2013

Meet the Florist | Jenna Sprengel of Avant Gardenia

Hope everyone enjoyed a lovely weekend. Time for me to update you on Kaitlyn and Mike's painting and to introduce you to the creator of this fabulous bouquet.

Now on to Jenna Sprengel of Avant Gardenia. I have so much to say about this talented artist. She is amazingly kind, generous, and supportive....I wouldn't have this painting without her referral. The work she creates is made with incredible perfection and skill with an eye for the most perfect compositions and materials. I've had the joy of working with her on a couple of weddings, and I am always in awe of the work she produces. Jenna is also incredibly humble....this girl designs and puts most of her creations together solo and has recently had the honor of doing the florals for Jenny McCarthy's Dancing With the Stars charity event.  This girl has skills and a heart of gold to match it.  Love her!

1.  How long have you been in business?
I have "officially" been in business for 4 years.

2.  Gotta ask...what’s your favorite flower?
Favorite flower is a peony- any color. Love.

3.  Toot your own horn....what’s your specialty?
My specialty is mixing decorative items with floral to enhance the look. 

4.  What would be your dream creation?
Dream creation.... an event with thousands and thousands of peonies- it would look and smell divine. 

5.  Craziest request you’ve had?
No crazy requests (yet). :)

6.  What do you like about working in the wedding industry?
The thing I like about working in the wedding industry is that I get to be a part of someone's most important and happiest day to that point in their lives. And I get to decorate it and translate their style through floral, which I think is so amazing and the best career ever!

7.  What is something you wish your clients knew about your job?
I can't tell you how many times I hear "Oh, it must be so relaxing to work with flowers". No! One thing I wish my clients knew about my job is how stressful, time consuming, and physically demanding it is. 

8.  When you are not working, what are you up to?
When I am not working (rare), I love to golf, hang with my 2 schnauzers, Wrigley and Groucho, or enjoy a night out with my fabulous man.

9.  Anything new and exciting coming up that we should know about? (either professionally or personally)
(Nothing new or exciting) :( Just trying to make it through this wedding season!

These are some of the pics I have taken at the weddings I've worked with Jenna, but definitely check out her website for many more amazing pieces.  Thank you Jenna for being so wonderful to work with!!!

Avant Gardenia
Jenna Sprengel

Thursday, September 12, 2013

New Painting | Kaitlyn and Mike

Time for a new painting!  This fluffy, peony filled gem comes from the referral and creation of Jenna Spregel of Avant Gardenia....more from her in my next update.  Besides being a lovely referral, this is also a gift from the mother of the bride.  Lots of love and support going into this one.
Photos courtesy of Gina & Tony Photography

The lace on the handle is from the bride's mother's veil while the photo is the bride's maternal grandmother...three generations of women represented here!

This painting has already seen some time and action, but do not fret.  You can get a sneak peak at my progress this Friday, September 13th from 6pm-10pm during the Chicago Artists District's 2nd Fridays Gallery Night.  I'll be showcasing my work at the cutest shop in Pilsen...Blumgarten & Co.  I hope to see you there!!!

2nd Fridays Gallery Night - link 
September 13th, 2013 - 6-10pm 
Chicago Arts District
at S. Halsted and 18th Streets

Blumgarten & Co. 
1827 S. Halsted, Chicago, IL 60608

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Painting Reveal | Allie and Tom's Group Gift

My goodness there is so much to share.  I might have to post a couple times this week!
Let's catch up from last week with the other Labor Day delivery I made....Allie and Tom's painting.

This was a different painting presentation than I've done so far because it was not only Allie and Tom seeing the painting for the first time, but also the 22 other people involved in making this piece possible.  I'll be honest....I was a little nervous to present it.  Alas, all went well, and Allie and Tom are now the proud owners of this piece of art:

Our dads admiring my handy work
Allie sent me this photo of the painting next to her "guest book" from the wedding.  How fantastic is this for a usable wedding guest book that you will see daily!?  I love that she captured two pieces of meaningful wedding memorabilia in one photo.

Many years of happy marriage to Allie and Tom!!!  xoxo  And thank you to my lake family for helping me produce this painting!  Loving group gifts!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

New Sticker Art for Eleanor

This weekend was full of special deliveries of custom Loreen work for dear friends of mine.  If you peaked on Facebook/Instagram, you may have seen me tapping back into my sticker roots.  Some of you may not know how deep those roots go.  Well let me tell you....back to bad perms and glasses deep:

At my cottage in Wisconsin, besides crafting when the weather was icky, we traded stickers.  We would take an extensive amount of time to setup these elaborate "sticker stores", trade a few here and there and be done in a fraction of the time it took to setup.  All the same, we loved much that I still have my collection to this day.

Mostly this was done with a couple of neighbor girls, but we did have one boy in the group because his sister was also in the trade.  It was only appropriate that when Brian and Rachel had their baby girl Eleanor that they get a special sticker piece for Eleanor's room.

I was so thrilled to get to meet Eleanor for the first time too!

I am so lucky to be able to put my little stamp on Eleanor's life and get to watch her grow up...and eventually share stories with her about sticker trading with her daddy.