Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Painting Reveal | Allie and Tom's Group Gift

My goodness there is so much to share.  I might have to post a couple times this week!
Let's catch up from last week with the other Labor Day delivery I made....Allie and Tom's painting.

This was a different painting presentation than I've done so far because it was not only Allie and Tom seeing the painting for the first time, but also the 22 other people involved in making this piece possible.  I'll be honest....I was a little nervous to present it.  Alas, all went well, and Allie and Tom are now the proud owners of this piece of art:

Our dads admiring my handy work
Allie sent me this photo of the painting next to her "guest book" from the wedding.  How fantastic is this for a usable wedding guest book that you will see daily!?  I love that she captured two pieces of meaningful wedding memorabilia in one photo.

Many years of happy marriage to Allie and Tom!!!  xoxo  And thank you to my lake family for helping me produce this painting!  Loving group gifts!

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