Friday, September 27, 2013

The Warm and Fuzzies of Gift Giving

At the beginning of the week I simply delivered a painting.  Three days later, I have had so many sweet accolades that I don't know what to do with myself, a client that now feels like my long lost fairy godmother with a daughter I've never met but have a feeling we could become bff's and even more pictures to share.

Lynda sent these pics to me of Kaitlyn and Mike receiving their painting.  I'd advise printing them all out and making your own flip book....I know I did.

Adorable, right?!!!!

If I'm going to introduce you to Lynda, I might as well give you a little insight into Kaitlyn:

 I'm small peas and carrots when it comes to blogging.  I mean, readership has gone up since getting in contact with Lynda, but I am by no means "a blogger".  Kaitlyn is A BLOGGER.  So much so that her blog, Sisters Marie's tagline is "Because we love blogging."  Filled with fashion, trends and Pinterest inspirations, Kaitlyn and her sister-in-law keep this blog consistently fresh and a great lead into their other businesses: BISTM (Because I Shop To Much) and BTGTF (Because They Grow To Fast).  Both sites stem from the concept of buying, selling and swapping clothes with's social and economical!  Brilliant!  Take a look at all of the sites mentioned and watch their about video...I love that they are two girls just chillin in the sun at a patio table chatting like you and me would.  So fun.  We are totally on the verge of becoming bffs...until Kaitlyn realizes that my fashion sense is mediocre!  At least I have painting in my corner!

Enjoy your new piece of art Kaitlyn and Mike!!!

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  1. Thanks so much for the shout out, Loreen! and love the photos! :)