Friday, April 26, 2013

Floral Fairy World with Françoise Weeks

Still swooning over my trip to Portland, I am dying to share more details about all of the wonderful people I met with.  There's one in particular that I have been asked about multiple times from my peers.... Françoise Weeks.  "What was she like?", "Isn't she wonderful!", "Was her studio amazing?".....
Well the answers: Wonderful, yes and yes.

Ok, here's a more thorough recap.

I took the bus from downtown Portland to this lovely little tree lined street where everyone's flower beds were just bursting with color already.  Portland is a bit ahead of Chicago with Spring's arrival.

Françoise has the most perfect studio.  Detached from the rest of her home, it is a quaint oasis to create and meet and inspire.  This is truly what I dream of having someday...but filed with art supplies.

My timing couldn't have been better.  Françoise had a couple of her woodland bouquets made up that she eagerly showed me.  I'll be honest...I have never seen floral work like this, and especially up close.  The variety of materials she uses allows every square inch of the bouquet to be completely different and lead your eyes to about a million different places.

Can you imagine the paintings I could create from these fairy landscapes?!!!  A client would have one heck of a time trying to decide between the infinite number of completely different compositions I could put together.  These are truly places I'd want to shrink myself down into and walk around in.

 After our 2 hour meeting that we both seemed to want to extend, Françoise gave me a tour of her lovely garden that was already in bloom.

The variety of hellebores were magnificent, and her approach to her garden was inspiring.  Mostly perennials, Françoise's home is surrounded by an enlarged version of her bouquets: lots of texture and variety that you have to take time to stop, look and enjoy.  She is one of the most dearest women I have met in all my floral escapades.  The thought of painting one of her bouquets would be an absolute dream come true.  I feel like the experience of painting a woodland bouquet may be one of the most purest ways to enjoy it.  The amount of time that would be put into exploring every part and detail would create a true intimacy with such skill.  I can only look forward to that day!  Until then, thank you Françoise for being such a gracious host to me during our special time together.  I look forward to our next visit!!!

Françoise Weeks
Portland Oregon

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