Wednesday, April 3, 2013

FORM: ART + floral

I'm plugging away at Raj and Joe's's a tricky one.  I'm actually working on the hardest portion of the painting right now, so I'm hoping once this area is finished, it will be smooth sailing from here on out.  They always say to climb to the top of the mountain first so that you can enjoy the view going down.  This painting is going to hold up to this mindset.

So what do you have planned this Friday?  Hopefully you have bought your ticket to this year's FORM: ART + floral event.  If you haven't gotten your ticket yet, I hope it's because you are going to buy it at the door.  Here is the invite:

To purchase tickets ahead of time, please click HERE or visit

Did I tell you that we will be raffling off a piece of mine?  This is your chance to own a Reenie Rose piece of artwork for only $20 (raffle ticket price).  That's a deal and a half!  So, again....go buy your tickets HERE or visit!!!  See you Friday!

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