Monday, April 29, 2013

Secret Painting Revealed

It's finally starting to feel like spring around here with the hint of warm weather peaking in and the tulips popping up.  With crazy Chicago weather though, I can't help wonder if it might snow next week.  It all makes me think that just a month ago, we were all bundled up and dodging snow flakes....and I was working on a secret painting.  Many of you that attended events I was painting at or follow me on Instagram found me working on a painting that I didn't say too much about.  Well, the jig is up!  I can now reveal the 5 year anniversary gift I was keeping under wraps for fear of ruining the surprise.

The story is great.  I was hosting a gathering of neighbors for a friend's birthday at my condo...some of which had never been to my place before or even knew what I do for a living.  After giving the 800 square foot tour (it was a fast one), I found one couple lingering in my studio in awe of my profession.  Who knew this talent was just down the hall from them?!  They were cute.  They liked my stuff. The end.

Not so fast...the next day, Ben (of Ben and Stephanie aka "cute couple") emailed me stating he was interested in a painting for his and Stephanie's 5 year anniversary.  Contract emailed, contract signed and images sent back, a painting began!  It was all so effortless.  Had I known I had a commission waiting a few doors down from me, I might have backed muffins and brought them over earlier in my residence in this building.

Since I wasn't able to show off anything during my process, I've saved everything for this post.  If you print off all the images, you can make yourself a fun fast flip book.

And voila'!

The nice thing about having a client as a neighbor is that you can revisit your work anytime.  I'm sure Ben and Stephanie will love having me come by with my dinner every now and then to just park myself in their bedroom to look at the painting while I eat.  I didn't realize I was getting myself into a job with the most ideal client when I started this project, and I'm certain they didn't know that they had met their new bff.  Ha!

In all honesty. Ben and Stephanie could not be better neighbors, clients or friends.  How lucky am I to live in the vicinity of such great people?!  I definitely owe them some homemade muffins....

Happy Monday!

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