Friday, May 3, 2013

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day is 9 days away, and if your mom is anything like my mom, she is very difficult to buy for.  Granted, my mom and I have very similar taste, so really, anything I like, she would most likely enjoy as well.  The problem here is that she doesn't see a need for her to have more stuff....she'd rather I have these treasures.  I can't tell you how many times I've ended up with shoes, jewelry and other miscellaneous things she's originally gotten for herself, thought twice about and handed them over to me.  I will not reveal what I am getting her this year to say "thank you for being the bestest mom ever" cause she is likely reading this (hi mom), but I will tell you that she won't want to give it back to me....but maybe share just a little of it with me.

So if you are in a pickle this year, I have a couple of options that mom will love.  She won't be returning these gifts but will be writing you a thank you note instead!

Yesterday I made two Mother's Day focused stops.  One was to my printer to pick up these gems:

Remember my lovely calendars I was selling at the beginning of the year?  Well, come May, calendars are kind of obsolete, so I had them converted into these postcard-like pieces of stationary.  Blank on the back with a stunning painting on the front, twelve of them come in a set with envelopes for $15.00 (+tax & shipping where applicable).  Perfect Mother's Day gift...I think so!

If you're thinking something a little extra that really shows how much you love mom (insert arms spread wide open here)...then I can do one better then this, but you should probably throw in a pack of the cards for good measure.  3 words: a Reenie Rose print (ok, 4 words).  Mom's love prints of their kid's paintings or just Reenie Rose work that they admire.

Stop #2 yesterday was extra special for me.  After meeting with Natalie and her mom from Zuzu's Petals, I knew that we were going to become connected in both business and friendship in a lifelong kind of way.  Sure enough, Natalie's mom fell in love with one of my paintings, and Natalie being the good daughter that she is, ordered a print of it from me as an early Mother's Day/retirement gift for her mom.  Look at this picture of sweetness!

The nice thing about my paintings is that they aren't completely noticeable as a bridal bouquet.  Natalie's mom just loved this piece and already had visions of it in her home without even caring about who the bride originally was for this bouquet.  I love that.
The moral to this story is that you too have the ability to have your mom beaming with love.  Print orders likely won't be delivered in time for Mother's Day, but it is certainly something you can write in a lovely card that her amazing gift is on the way....and I have just the cards for you!

Send me an email with your order request to  I've got you covered for Mother's Day!


  1. What a fabulous idea!! Reenie Rose paintings are options for so many different clients- not only brides!! And I just LOVE your note cards!! xo

  2. I love the note cards! What a great way to be green! They're beautiful! I want a set for my mom!!