Friday, September 4, 2009

Having Labor to Celebrate

It's Labor Day weekend, and I have a whole slew of work related things going on. First of all, you may remember last month when I posted about Libertyville's First Friday event. Well, it was canceled last month due to the unrelenting rain we had. So on short notice to you, I am participating today! If you need something to do this evening, I will be at Buss Flower Shop in Libertyville promoting my lovely paintings. I'll have both Ashley's and Rachel's paintings on hand.

Next on the list is the update for Brian and Rachel's painting. I'm really happy with the way it's going since I was pretty unsure as to how I was going to attack the more complex areas. Not too bad so far!

I am going to be putting a hold on Brian and Rachel's painting for a bit to start a new painting for an old grade school/high school classmate of mine. This is going to be a new approach to my paintings because Cate was married last summer. I received a photo from her photographer and am going to be working from that instead of my own images. I'm really excited to see how this goes and present it to her at our 10 year high school reunion....crazy!!! Thanks to Cate (Katy still in my head) and to her photographer for the images.

Here's the painting sketched out next to the printed out image.

And, the painting as of today!!!

Finally, I received a call the other day for a painting for a wedding this weekend...eek! Since my weekend is already carved out for me, I am going to try yet another approach to getting my images....the florist and the photographer. Near, far, it doesn't matter, I will find a way to get the images for the keep the calls coming!!!
Have a great holiday weekend everyone!!!! Yeah to work/labor!!!

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