Thursday, March 3, 2011

Lights, Camera, Action!

This week has been a whirlwind of meetings and making great contacts for some fun things to come.  Perhaps the most exciting thing for Reenie Rose to date happened this Monday.  I didn't want to let the cat out of the bag too soon for fear of jinxing the whole gig, but it's official...I am going to be on the tv show 190 North on abc!!!! 
For those of you non-Chicagoans that don't know about about 190 North, it is a local abc news affiliate that focuses on Chicago entertainment, trends, and style.  It's on Sunday nights at 10:35pm, and yours truly will be a part of an episode airing April 10th!
I am so excited (and a little nervous) about my feature on the show.  It was a fabulous experience though being involved in a scheduled tv appearance (not just me being filmed eating a taco for the camera...see about 40 seconds into this segment). 
My segment consists of a special interview with my good friends Natalie and Mike who own a painting from me, as well as some time spent in my studio....being interviewed, painting, looking busy and whatnot.
BIG thanks to Natalie and Mike for taking time out of their day to sing my praises.  I know they'll be a great addition to the segment.  Another BIG thanks to all of my painting owners who were nice enough to let me steal my paintings back for this.  You'll get to see a bunch of my work on this show thanks to all the support.
More BIG thanks to the 190 North crew.  Holly, Eva, Colin and Mike were all so great and easy to work with.  Though we were in the comforts of my own home, I was still a little nervous about the whole thing, but they made it so easy for me.

And, finally, BIG thanks to my mom.  She pulls out a winner yet again by contacting 190 North in the first place.  Thanks Mom.

With all of this going on, I didn't want to forget about Kara and Mike's painting too.  I got a few brushstrokes in during the taping of the show, so you'll get to see the painting in it's early stages.
You know I'll send out another "Tune in to 190 North" announcements when we get closer to the, stay tuned!

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