Tuesday, April 10, 2012

1 Year Ago.....and Today's Hunger Games

Do you remember what happened a year ago today?  Well, the weather was definitely a little bit warmer, but something else was a brewing.....Reenie Rose's media debut.  April 10, 2011, which happened to land on a Sunday, featured Reenie Rose on the tv show 190 North!

If you missed it then, no worries....I recorded it on my vcr for you (wink).

My how my hair has changed.

Fast forward to today and you'll see me featured in a blog post on Elizabeth Anne Designs!  Last month I joined forces with a fabulous team of people to bring a Hunger Games inspired wedding shoot to life.  Today I am able to show you a few extra images from the shoot that feature one of my paintings....with a twist.

Can you see the lines through the painting?

The painting was printed out into place cards for our faux wedding!  When all of the cards were removed...

Voila!  I wrote/drew this wording and design on a board with a chalkboard marker.  I love this idea of having a "painting" revel something sentimental.

It's amazing how far I've come in a year....being on tv to working with blockbuster movies!  Ok, slight exaggeration, but it's still early in the year.

The following vendors contributed to this shoot:
Wedding Planner - Naturally Yours Events \ Photographer - Anthony Barlich Photography \ Bridal Gown, black - Mignonette Bridal \ Bridal Gown, red - Lovey by Isha \ Florist - Pistil and Vine \ Pastries - The Bleeding Heart Bakery \ Cakes - Lutz Cafe \ Cheese Wheel Cake - Marion Street Cheese Market \ Platters - Dinner Party Shop\ Stationery - Julie Hanan Design \ Painting - Reenie Rose \ Makeup Artist - Makeup Your Beauty \ Hair Stylist - Debbie Petrielli \ Jewelry – Available at Mignonette Bridal \ Mensware – Humble Collective, available at Mignonette Bridal \ Models – Jamie Henderson of Lily’s Talent Agency and Eli Kurtz \ Pallet tables - The Home Depot \ Venue – Forest Preserve

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  1. You did that design with a chalkboard marker?! You never cease to impress me. I love how it turned out. Such a creative and fun idea--now start marketing it! :)