Monday, July 9, 2012

Milwaukee...a Sister City

Happy Monday!  I feel like it's another one of those times where I've taken a crazy hiatus from blogging and now have so much to catch up on.  I'm finding myself antsy right now cause I really want to get painting instead of writing (no offense).  Ah, but it is my duty to shower you with fun happenings and neato images.

Can you believe the 4th of July has come and gone?  Part of my leave of absence was celebrating this holiday up at my cottage in Wisconsin but not in the cottage.  Our un-airconditioned space kept me away from a computer and swimming in 80 degree water at night.  Unfortunately, the weather left us without fireworks due to a county ban....way to dangerous to shoot them off since there hasn't been rain for ages.  I got my fix during a brief encounter indoors on the tv.  Thank you Fox 6 News...

In order to beat the heat, my parents and I decided to capitalize on some free ac and visit the Milwaukee Art Museum on Thursday.  Now, even though I am an artist, I am terrible at keeping up with the art scene (still haven't been to the Art Institute's "new" Modern Wing).  Visiting the Milwaukee Art Museum has been on my list forever, but somehow getting down to the beach and out on the lake always trumps a culture boost.  Who would have thought a 90 degree day would prompt an outing!?

The architecture is beautiful in this space and provided many a photo op.

Besides the ac and free Thursday, our other reason for our visit was the amazing exhibit the museum is currently featuring:
Ah, to be back in Paris for a couple of hours among the dancing girls of Montmartre, bright colors of a color lithograph, and swanky history.  If you find yourself in the Milwaukee area, I highly recommend this exhibit.  It was excellent and enjoyed by everyone.

An additional attraction to the museum is the Burke Brise Soleil by Spanish artist Santiago Caltrava.  This amazing structure actually opens and closes when the museum itself opens and closes.


Architectural genius!  The day started out brutally hot, but ended in perfection.  Thank you Milwaukee for such a lovely experience....I should visit you more often.

Ok, you'll have to come back to the blog later....I really want to go paint now.  You know there will be updates to come!!

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