Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year, New...Everything

It's funny how we wait for the new year to come in order to make change in our lives and a bunch of resolutions that will have disappeared before the snow.  On the contrary, this coming of the new year does arrive conveniently at the same time I'm looking to make some changes with Reenie Rose.  For starters, I will be gaining an addition to my one-woman-show staff.  Some lucky contestant will join me in an internship to help jump start some real business this year.  While I start a new painting, my intern will be on the look out for new opportunities.  This will leave me a lot more time to get some work done without being pulled in so many directions.
There will be a severe decrease in friends and family freebie gifts as I anticipate a boom in business with the help of my intern....sorry to those out there hoping for one.  New people will be met and and relationships will be shared.  Additional details will be spiced up website, my activities and my blog.  Everything is going to get turned up a notch.

So, as I toast to the new year by sipping a glass of champagne and gazing at my final painting of 2009, I extend to everyone a very happy new year filled with wishes being made, dreams coming true, and much prosperity.  Cheers!!!

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