Saturday, February 20, 2010

Olympic Spirit

The Olympic Games enter our lives every 2 years (every 4 years for both summer and winter games), and every time they come around, I feel like it is a great gift to be totally wrapped up in.  Basically, I become obsessed with the Olympics and try to soak up every competition and heart-wrenching story I can without letting the rest of my life totally slip away.  This absorption has thankfully slipped into my painting and has found me attacking it with an Olympic resilience.  Power through!  Go USA!  Go Me?!  Ok, maybe not quite like that, but I'd like to think that my tear-streaked montage would include me doing wrist curls at the gym, enduring hours at the easel with beads of sweat at my brow and my life story told out in segments of hard times....bangs, braces and perms.  I'll hang my flag and wait for my podium moment.  Until then, here's Jami's painting....

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