Friday, March 26, 2010

CS Brides Event

Last night I had the honor of attending a lovely event hosted by CS Brides magazine, thanks to my favorite ladies over at Smitten Boutique.  The event took place in the newly remodeled ballroom of the Ritz Carlton and featured decor by Heffernan Morgan and a Vera Wang fashion show. 

There were definitely a couple of highlights to the night.  First of all, I was so lucky to run into so many wonderful people.  Besides attending with the Smitten ladies, I also got to reconnect with Natalie from Hello Darling (who I will be creating a painting to feature in her showroom), Catherine from Birch Design (meeting in a couple weeks), and Amanda and Aubrey from Ladi Events
With such a classy event put together, there is bound to be some celebrity to the event.  We got a small dose with Jillian Harris from the Bachelorette.  You may remember that she is engaged to Ed and they now live in Chicago.  What a perfect place to be if you are planning a many great connections and people to work with.  Think Jillian would want a painting?
*Aubrey, Amanda's bride, Jillian and Amanda from Ladi.  Cute ladies!

My plan is to finish Natalie and Mike's painting this weekend....wish me luck!

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