Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Extra Extra, Read All About It

It's time for an update, and I have some fun things to share. Last month I attended the Lemont Art Walk to promote my mural at The Inn at Smokey Row along with some Reenie Rose art.  Turns out it was a very beneficial night for all parties.  Here's a couple pieces of press that where published in our local papers:
Click here for the full article.

In other news, I've started the painting for Karen and Brandon that is being gifted by Brandon's mom.  This is such a summer time bouquet to be working on....the colors are fantastic.
 I got a little excited to paint and forgot to take a "before" photo....see my dabbles of color in the upper left corner.  Oops!

 If you don't remember what the original bouquet looked like, check back to the "Time for Everything" post on May 17th or just check back soon to see the flowers emerge!

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