Saturday, November 6, 2010

Indian Summer

Can you believe that just last weekend it was Halloween?!  We are in the thick of fall where the colors are changing all around us.  This was evident in the bouquet I shot last weekend for my next painting.  I was delighted to see some fall color in a bouquet I am calling a representation of an Indian Summer.  It has the autumn look with the mango calla lilies, but then there is this burst of bright pink from the starburst lilies that remind me of the summer that has past.
The stephanotis have these fantastic large rhinestones in the center of them giving the bouquet a little "bling".
I am so excited to start this painting that I have already sketched it in!  I've got the painting bug, and after my last one, this will be a great breather.
 In my updated posts, I'll let you know who this secret florist is and the generous folks giving this painting as a gift.  Happy weekend!

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