Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Back in Time for June

Has anyone been wondering where on Earth I have been?!  To all of the worried faces out there, have no fear, I am back.  While waiting for a few paintings to come out of limbo, I decided to take my summer blogging vacation a little early and skipped over the whole month of May....well, I am slipping this post under the wire.
This month has been full of busy things going on for Reenie Rose though.  Here are a few snippets:

My family and I attended a wedding in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, at the beginning of May to start the month off with a tan.  I love weddings, but a wedding in Mexico is a double bonus when it has spectacular weather and good friends attending.  Congratulations to Hannah and Jason...and thanks for having a destination wedding!

Upon returning from Mexico, mom and I got down to business and attended an all-day seminar hosted by Estera Events.  The New Black seminar featured Ann marie Houghtailing of The Houghtailing Group who shared with us a plethora of valuable knowledge about sales and growing ones business.  I am so excited for some of the leaps we are going to be taking and expect to have a lot more paintings to update you on in the near future.

Speaking of paintings, I've put my Dani & Michael painting on hold to work on a new project.  Jason came to me this month wanting to get the perfect anniversary gift for his wife....a Reenie Rose painting.  With his anniversary fast approaching (June 16th), I received a few images of his wife Rachel's bouquet and quickly got to work sending Jason a variety of compositions to choose from.

Jason chose this 20x20 inch composition for his painting:
So simple and perfect with ivory calla lilies and roses.
The painting has been sketched in and will be close to completion by the beginning of next week.

Besides new paintings, new friends have been made as well.  I will elaborate more on their work at a future date, but in the meantime, be sure to get aquainted with these fabulous vendors:
-Salvage One- Checked out this venue for a NY friend of mine thinking of getting married in Chicago.  It's an amazing antique/unique extravaganza that is able to house events with a fun style.
-Citygirl Weddings and Events-  Once known as Events by Sharokina, Citygirl is a new name in wedding planning with plenty of experience to back it up.
 -Stacey Shapiro- A calligrapher with over 20 years of experience, Stacey's website might be only one page, but her talent and personality are infinite.
-Sarah Drake-  You have probably heard her name all around the wedding industry for her stunning invitation line and monogram gifts, but getting to know her as a person is such a treat.

Sorry if you felt neglected throughout the month of May.  With Jason's painting getting started, and a couple of others waiting in the wings, you'll be sure to hear more from me in June.  Can you believe it's June already?!  What are your plans for this month?

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