Monday, July 18, 2011

Turning the Heat Up

The heat is on here in the Reenie Rose studio.  Ok, rather the ac is blasting to combat the outside temperature, but there is a momentum going on inside that I am not loosing track of. 
This next painting is for a client that has won the award title of "biggest Reenie Rose fan" because she consistently says the nicest things to me about my work.  Painting after painting she continues to be a cheerleader unlike anyone else in my little Reenie Rose circle.  I hope I can continue to enrich her life with a painting for her daughter and son-in-law.  No pressure, right?

Onto the next one....

Don't you just love these dahlias!?  I have a couple of yellow and orange ones growing in my flower boxes this season but the color of these purple ones is just stunning.

The sketch!  In my next painting update, I will unveil the mystery florist behind this dynamic bouquet.  Time to get started!

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