Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Changing Seasons

Last weekend marked the end and beginning of a few areas in life.  For starters, it was the last weekend of summer.  So long to the dog days of feeling leisurely yet eager to enjoy the limited sun-filled days.  Welcome Fall and the crisp air you bring.  Here's to apple cider and projects to complete before the holidays hit.

Farewell to the single life; hello to the married life for Bobbijean and Andrew!  Big congrats to these two friends that tied the knot this weekend.  They had a lovely day for their wedding and it couldn't have gone more smoothly.  Doesn't the bride look just stunning!?
A pat on the back to me as I got to see my completed aisle runner laid out, ready for action.
When I was approached about this project, my first thought was that it fell into the category of unnecessary luxuries.  Having seen it completed in its rightful setting, I know that it was essential to define the look of the ceremony.  Thank you Bobbi for having such a beautiful vision for your wedding and allowing me to be a part of it.  To come.....a painting of her bouquet!

Speaking of bouquets, there is an ending and beginning in that department as well.  I have finally finished Paula Jean and Brian's painting.  55 hours of manual labor, and perfection is the result.
I love how this painting is so different from all my other ones....composition, color, detail....check out that necklace!  Welcome to the family little painting, welcome to the family.
Stay tuned for the beginning of my next painting.  Take a guess at what color bouquet I have lined up!

Starts and finishes, endings and beginnings.  Does this change of season bring anything new to you or complete another chapter of your life?

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