Friday, September 2, 2011

Reenie Rose Craft Corner

I am forever inspired by all of the creativity out there and often find myself thinking, "This would be a really great idea for a business."  One business at a time chica, one at a time.  While I can't start a new business every other week, I can at least hold onto these ideas for a rainy day or that crazy phenomenon called "free time".  Ha!
There's this great site that is slowly growing on people, and I imagine it to be just booming by the end of the year.  Have you heard of Pinterest?  I am grateful to this site that allows me to organize all of my virtual inspirations onto "boards" in an orderly fashion that I can repeatedly return to for a mental reawakening.

I recently found a couple of fabulous ideas that just happened to appear around the same time and actually worked together to create an "aha" project for me / a possible source of income.

Check out this amazingly talented girl that is creating wallpaper out of stickers

I love this since I was an avid sticker collector in my youth and continue to stare at end caps of stickers whenever I encounter them.  Ah, the joys of playing with stickers...pealing and placing, pealing and placing.

Then this idea popped up on Pinterest and everything clicked.

In between painting, I sometimes will have another project of sorts come up.  Sometimes it's a job that strays away from the tight bouquet painting, and other times it's a craft that allows my mind and wrist a break from any brushes.  These two ideas above afforded me the perfect project for a baby shower I am co-hosting this weekend for a childhood friend.  Having played school and traded stickers as kiddies with this lovely friend, I just knew the perfect gift for her.  My two inspirations had a baby of their own, and viola....

Isn't this just the cutest for a baby's room!  I was having so much fun digging through my old collection and reminiscing about a good "trade" that I had to stop myself from creating the whole alphabet.  I can't wait for mama Hannah to see this.  I'm hoping it will remind her of all the good times we had as kids and how the simplest things like trading stickers brought so much joy to our childhood.  Boo to video games, yeah to $1.00 packets of stickers!

So back to that whole business idea.  What do you think about placing this idea on Etsy?  I could see monograms in blue and pink flying off the shelves.  Maybe I'm getting ahead of myself, but I think it's a neat idea and would love to hear your thoughts.

In the meantime, there are still paintings to be completed and paintings to come.  Here's a glance at the progress of my current business:
How ironic that I get the entrepreneurial bug this weekend.  Enjoy your Labor Day!


  1. I think you should sell on Etsy! They are really cute...Maybe the monogram ones??? In any color people choose? (not sure if that is hard!)


  2. I love love love love LOVE the sticker picture - I still look at it everyday and it continues to bring a smile to my face...;) I cant wait to find the PERFECT spot to hang it (even though I really want it in MY room)