Friday, October 28, 2011

2 Weddings, 1 Update & a Birthday

It's Friday evening, the St. Louis Cardinals have won the world series and I feel like I've finished day 1 of my work week.  This past weekend / the beginning of this week all run together as one extended jumble of wedding activity and celebration.  I guess this could be one of the benefits of owning one's own business....the work week starts and ends according to me.

So, if I back track a bit, the first wedding of the weekend was for a new client of mine.  Sarah booked me back in June when Estera Events recommended I "preserve" her fall wedding bouquet.  Happy to do so, I've been waiting for the unveiling for months!  Drum roll please....

Ta da!  Amy at Blumen put together a fabulous bouquet of color, texture and character.  I've taken a look at some of the compositional photos I've taken, and all I can say is that this is one photogenic bouquet.  No matter what Sarah chooses, she's going to have a stunning painting at the end of this process.

Speaking of stunning, wedding number 2 took place on Sunday with not only a gorgeous bouquet but a bride fit for Hollywood.  My best friend Abra tied the knot with Peter, the man of her dreams, at Salvage One in a most elegant affair.
 Isn't she beautiful!  Her flowers were such a compliment to her style.  Bravo to Carolyn and Natalie at Hello Darling for taking Abra's vision and bringing it to life....with only their initial mockups.  That's talent.
Of course, Abra and Peter will be receiving a painting as a gift.....when things settle down a bit.  I get one year to produce a wedding gift...right!?

In regards to paintings already in progress, Laura and D.R.'s is coming along.  I anticipate a finished painting this weekend!

And finally, the thing I wasn't going to mention, but could actually use some imput birthday.  Yes, I celebrated my 30th birthday this past Tuesday...with much reluctance on my part.  My friends and family, however, had a surprise in store for me and forced me to acknowledge this new decade in my life (thank goodness wine was involved).  I'm slowly coming around to the idea of 30, but could use some support and advice.  Any words of wisdom for this single, 30 year old living in the city, running her own business?

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