Thursday, November 3, 2011

Seeing Double

It's almost the weekend, and this week has seemed to pass by in a whirlwind of business activity.  I have so many exciting things to share but need to contain myself and share the good stuff in small doses.  I know everyone is just dying to see Laura and D.R.'s painting finished.  Well, I have is finished....but no sneak peaks just yet.  The painting is slumbering in my studio drying and getting ready for it's photo shoot tomorrow with a new photographer I will be introducing you to.  So, hold tight.  Patience.

In the meantime, I have a different photographer for you.  You see, with each painting I finish, I am now going to be introducing you to another great talent.  The wedding community is so gractious and helpful that I figure I might as well share the love while also getting a minor perk out of the paintings photographed professionally...ready to be printed in a heartbeat.

First, we go back a bit.  You'll remember Paula Jean and Brian's painting:

Again, with the love of the wedding industry, this couple was referred to me by the always wonderful, Kehoe Designs.  As a "thank you" to Kehoe, I am providing them with a print of the gorgeous bouquet they created.  In comes Kenny of Nakai Photography.  He graciously volunteered to take the photos of this painting so it could be printed just as perfectly as the painting was painted.  Now, you tell me....which is the print and which is the painting?
Click to enlarge

Pretty close, huh?  I'll let you leave your guesses as a comment below, and we'll revisit this answer in my next post.  In the meantime, meet Kenny.  He is an award winning photographer located in Lincoln Park where he shares an amazing studio with florist Vale of Enna.  Kenny is just the nicest guy with a pile of talent on top of that.  I'm so excited for him because he is getting married next year and is now playing the role of "the client" in his own industry.  Can you imagine being a photographer and having to choose someone to photograph your most special day?  All I could say to Kenny was "good luck".

Here's what Kenny had to say to a few questions asked by Reenie Rose:

1. How long have you been in business?
I just completed my 5th year in the wedding business! 3 yrs going full time
2. Toot your own horn....what’s your specialty?
I definitely strive to be creative - but at the same time keeping it authentic, beautiful and timeless.

3. Who or what are your favorite subjects to photograph....your dream photo session?
I love photographing people - couples in love, families, children...anything where there's emotions
4. Craziest thing you’ve captured on camera?
I spent time volunteering my time with a non-profit - and I was in Japan 1 week after the Tsunami.  It was crazy to see houses upside down in the middle of a field.  Or to a whole neighborhood leveled...only the foundations remained. 

5. What do you like about working in the wedding industry?
 I love the wedding industry- because I get to capture special moments for couples to cherish forever.  They are photos they will look at...their kids will look at...and their grandkids! What a privilege to be such an intimate part of their lives!
6. When you are not working, what are you up to?
 I am recently engaged myself! So I am enjoying my time w/my fiance as well as wedding planning! Just like my clients!  =) I definitely have more empathy for those in the wedding planning process!
7. Anything new and exciting coming up that we should know about?
 I am looking forward to doing more family portraits here in my photography studio! Newborns, toddlers, and generational photos! I found a new passion for portraits and I can't wait for the new year!
Well I know the holidays are coming upon us, and I'm thinking about Christmas cards.  Isn't it photo session with Kenny!  Oh, and a Reenie Rose print in some nice gift wrap.
Thanks so much for sharing with us Kenny!  Definitely go checkout more of his work right now.

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