Monday, November 28, 2011

Whatever Happened to That One?

I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving holiday weekend.  I managed to indulge in anything I saw fit for consumption all weekend long and now need to find a way to shrink my stomach back to a normal size.  Suggestions anyone?

Feeling a bit nostalgic, I'm going to dig back in the Reenie Rose vault of projects and revisit a painting I haven't posted about in ages....

Remember this one?  Well, it was a gift, and the thing with gifts is that they can get pushed down the priority scale.  Knowing that I was going to see these friends this Thanksgiving, I got my butt into gear, and viola....a long awaited finished painting.

Flowers by Creations by Lily

Lately it seems that I haven't had the chance to personally witness the unveiling of a painting to a client, so it was refreshing to my spirit to witness Dani and Michael love their gift in front of me.  Of course, I neglected to capture it on camera.  On the other hand, I did capture something worth thanking them for....

Thank you, Dani and Michael, for providing an amazing Thanksgiving spread!  I hope your painting brightens all of your days.  xoxo

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