Sunday, January 15, 2012

One Month till V-Day

Did you know that it is one month until Valentine's Day?!  Ok, so it doesn't bring on the same anxiety and panic that "a month until Christmas" brings, but it does get you thinking about those people/things that you love.
While many will start entertaining the idea of gifts of chocolates or roses for someone that they love, I prefer to swoon over the things that I love.
These days, the phrase "things that I love" now coincides with Pinterest.  Please tell me you've heard of it.  If you haven't, I won't lecture you about it...just click on the button to the right, start following me and go from me, it's fabulous.
Since things are held up in the painting department, I thought I'd pass on some inspiration that I have fondly "pinned" on Pinterest.  Now, I've given you a month to put something together for me for V-day, so no excuses.

 I love flowers.

Ok, so maybe that's an obvious one, but seriously, if I had an unlimited budget, I would wear fresh flowers everyday in some fashion.

Though I try to capture the essence of a complete bouquet, I would love for a client to one day ask me for a painting of a single flower from their bouquet....and if it could be this Dracula Raven orchid, I would be the happiest girl in the world.

I love a good tea party.

How adorable are these tea cups!  I do love to host a good party and could totally see having one of these for each of my sassy girl friends to use and take home as a little party favor.  Now, what would my cup say?  Don't answer that.

I love umbrellas.
Source: via Loreen on Pinterest

You can't beat a good parasol, especially if it has some character to it like these ones.  They would be just darling above my tea party!

I love the color pink.

As girlie as I am, I never thought I would gravitate so much toward this color.  Low and behold, I am a pink girl....have you seen my business cards?  If I had this table, it would go in my client meeting area of my luxurious office space.  Let's make it happen people.

And finally...I love food.
Source: via Loreen on Pinterest

For anyone that really knows me, this is a slight understatement.  I LOVE food.  It would actually take up less space and time to tell you what I don't like as opposed to what I do like.  I don't like these little wrinkly bitter black olives.  Ok, that's it.
I did come across this sweet image and thought it was appropriate for me and my loves.  It's a darling cupcake with pink frosting that is clearly saying " Love Reenie Rose"....and get working on her Valentine's Day wishlist.  I'm just saying....

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