Friday, September 21, 2012

Twittering Around Town

Who's ready for the weekend?!  (I am jumping up and down with my hand raised in the air shouting "ME, ME".)  It's been a long week, but that hasn't stopped me from packing in an active weekend.  No sir.  For one, I've got this lovely painting to get cranking on:

Saturday I will be working a wedding all day with the oh so lovely Beth Bernstein of SQN Events.  I'll be dashing around the city and helping out between the Palmer House and the W City Center.  Can't wait to see the pretties happening at this affair.

Sunday I am going to tap into my gallery days and head over to the art fair, Expo Chicago, to see what is hot in the art world these days.  This fair is already creating some positive buzz, so if you are looking for something cultural to do around the city this weekend, hit it up!

Sounds like a fun time, right?  To follow my whereabouts, keep up with me on Twitter this weekend.  Yes, I said Twitter.  It's 2012 and everybody's doing it, so jump on the bandwagon and catch me at Reenie_Rose.  

So what are you doing this weekend?  Tweet me!

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