Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Campaign Trail

Yesterday I went on my own campaign tour to influence the youth of America.  Well, ok, maybe not to that extent, but I'm hoping I at least influenced a couple of Grand Valley State art students.
Every now and then I return to my alma mater in Pure Michigan and speak to an illustration class filled with inquiring minds that is taught by my former advisor and instructor, Ed.  I absolutely love doing these talks and think it is so important for these students to hear from other artists making a living with their talent in the real world.  I am hoping to extend my "teachings" on to other classes and universities in order to make a difference in how students look at life post college and anticipate having a career in an artistic field.  It ain't easy, but it's doable if done right.

The kids were in luck this year for 2 reasons.  #1: not only did I speak, but the other guest of honor was my good friend from undergrad, Kim.  She's an extremely talented medical illustrator for The New England Journal of Medicine that the students (and myself) were just fascinated by....blood and guts to my flora and fauna.
#2: I finished something very special for this talk....Anna and Jason's painting!  Still a tad wet, but finished!

The "kids" loved it (along with some of my other treasures) and asked plenty of questions about Reenie Rose.  One of the key things I pointed on was connections.  Networking and collaborating with others is so essential to having a successful business and career.  It reminded me that I never told you how I actually happened on Anna and Jason as clients.

Anna writes her own inspirational blog, Mint Chevron, that is an adorable collection of fun and beautiful findings.  Well, one fine day, Anna decided to blog about yours truly (without me even knowing this good news).  Lucky for Anna, her smartypants husband looked in to the post and thought, "Maybe my wife is trying to give me a hint as to something she would like."  Smart man I say.  So, Jason contacted me and the rest is history!  Anna gets the perfect 5 year anniversary gift, and Jason gets the Husband of the Year award for being so intuitive.

Lesson learned kids:  Marry a guy that reads your blog.  Are you out there?

I can't wait for Anna and Jason to see their painting in person!

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