Monday, December 10, 2012

I heart NY...and Jersey City

This past weekend I was galavanting about New York and Jersey with one of my bestest friends.  Ok, so at age 31 we no longer galavant nor find a need to go out and live it up as we use to.  It also should be noted that this bestest friend of mine is 2 weeks away from giving birth to her first baby.  We more or less trudged around when we did get out and had to dodge rain drops.  All this being said, it was such a lovely trip.

Here we are dripping wet at the Columbus Circle Christmas Market and loving it.

It's an amazing thing to be around someone that is about to enter into a game-changing stage of life that neither of you can give advice about... yet are constantly vacillating over.  Instead, we sat while sipping perfect Nespressos and reflected on life as we know it and all the dreams and aspirations we have for things to come.  The holidays can do this to you too, so we went out and shopped the the holiday markets to feel that holiday spirit while sipping on hot cider this time.  Everything kept leading back to how gracious and thankful we are to have each other and the life that surrounds much so that we were already reminiscing 6 hours after our parting.

The 911 Memorial will also put a few things into perspective.

This is deep, I know, but I can't help start to get in a refresh mode by reevaluating life, taking things a bit slower, prioritizing a bit wiser and working on thinking more positively.  Before I left, I was in an anxiety ridden state that left me disappointed that I hadn't blogged all week even though I finished my painting.  Post zen weekend, I'm ok with my blogging break and giving you this beauty of a painting to start your week out.  See, eventually things all just fall into place.

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