Friday, December 14, 2012

Meet the Photographer: Argentina Leyva Photography

I played Santa today and dropped off Argentina and Jesse's completed painting at Argentina's photography studio.  It's always a thrill to be present when a client sees their painting for the first time.  Even better...the painting is a surprise for Argentina's husband!  She's going to have it framed and show him on Christmas!  Love...

The bonus of the day was getting a tour of Argentina's studio.  I had no idea that this hidden gem was so amazing and that she is now even renting it out for events.

I got to know Argentina a bit more, and thought you might like to know her and her services too!  She's a fantastic photographer with a real eye for making her clients feel so comfortable and natural.  Take a look...

1.  How long have you been in business? 10 years

2.  Toot your own horn....what’s your specialty? I started as a wedding photographer and switched to Boudoir 3 years ago. Now I do 5 to 6 weddings a year and about 200 Boudoir sessions a year.

3.  Who or what are your favorite subjects to photograph....your dream photo session? Women. I like to make women look their best in photographs. My dream session is an exotic destination wedding to photograph the bride in her wedding gown as well as a Boudoir session in an exotic resort suite.

4.  Craziest thing you’ve captured on camera? Every session has that one image that stands among all that I can’t believe I created.

5.  What do you like about working in the wedding industry? The reaction of brides and women when they see their images and how beautiful they look

6.  What is something you wish your clients knew about your job? It’s physically very demanding and I have to stay in shape to keep up with the physical activity, I’m 42 after all!

7.  When you are not working, what are you up to? Thinking on how I can become a better photographer and better service provider to my clients, I’m always working, it’s my hobby!

8.  Anything new and exciting coming up that we should know about? (either professionally or personally) I will be creating Boudoir images of all my staff and myself. We have to put ourselves in the shoes of our clients to better understand the needs and create a better experience. I’m also going to be partnering up with a large wedding studio in Chicago, FIG Productions, to shoot more weddings but they will be doing all the album design process.

Here are some images from Argentina's boudoir gallery:

A year or so ago I worked Mandy and Nick's wedding as their day of coordinator which is how I first met Argentina.  Here are a few shots from their special day:

Love them!!  Visit Argentina's site to view more of her work and also enter to win a free boudoir session.  I'm thinking a belated holiday gift or getting a head start on Valentine's Day! 

Thank you for sharing Argentina!  We can't wait to see YOUR boudoir session!

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