Friday, August 2, 2013

Behind the Scenes | Canvas Background Color

I'm ready for the weekend and enjoying more time up at my cottage in Wisconsin.  We have our annual golf outing where we all pretend we know how to play the frustrating game but really just look forward to the vodka lemonades and cheese balls.

I've obviously already started Allie and Tom's painting, but I thought I'd back track just a wee bit to give you some insight into my painting process.  I'm digging a little deeper into these first steps and showing things off in another video.

Oh how I dread watching myself, but I thankfully have Bella for some light entertainment (my wince at the beginning of the video is Bella trying to interrupt me).  How many meows do you hear?

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  1. I love your videos!!! I need to get on the video bandwagon :)