Friday, October 17, 2014

Bridal Shower Floral Crown Bar

A couple weekends ago I had the joy of co-hosting a bridal shower for one of my dear friends from college.  It is still amazing to me how many of my college friends have flocked to Chicago that I continue to have in my life.
To celebrate Tracey and Dan's upcoming wedding, a few of us girlfriends decided to host a shower geared towards Tracey's free spirited and fun loving personality.  With everyone delegated a special task, I took on our activity for the day….a floral crown bar.  For the bride that doesn't want to play silly bridal games, this was the perfect activity to involve all of the guests and still make the bride feel pretty special.

A quick trip to the flower market and some simple tools….

And we became floral goddesses!  

Happy wedding weekend to Tracey and Dan, and may there be lots more flowers in your future!

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