Thursday, November 13, 2014

Painting Update: Courtney and Shawn

Time to catch up on another painting I recently cranked out.

The thoughtfulness that went into this piece is what makes my art so special.  The parents of the bride wanted to give their daughter and son-in-law something memorable for their first anniversary, and discovered me through one of my previous clients.  I love when that happens!  Having gotten married out in Aspen, the bouquet was not transportable to their home in D.C.  In comes me to produce a one of a kind anniversary gift!

Check out this pretty....
Photo by James Christianson

And the finished product....

Special thanks to Lauryl Lane for producing such a gorgeous bouquet and to James Christianson for supplying me with the photos to work from.

For more images from this beautiful wedding, check out the feature on Elizabeth Anne Designs!

Photo by James Christianson

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