Saturday, June 19, 2010

Eventful and Events

Two fun bits of news to share in both of my camps, Reenie Rose and Reeniebeans. 
The first bit is the most exciting for me cause it's a big leap for Reenie Rose.  I've taken out an ad!  In this June's issue of Chicago Social Brides magazine, I have a half page ad featured.  Chicago Social Brides is a local magazine that focuses on the luxury end of the wedding business.  With a very targeted audience, I am hoping to bring Reenie Rose to the attention of readers with an eye for something special.  CS Brides is a free publication and can be found at most wedding related businesses.  If you can't find it somewhere nearby, check it out online at their digital edition (hint: I'm on pg 253 & 264).  Below is the ad, but to actually be able to view it in something that someone else has produced is really something.  Go check it out!

The other good news is that I will be participating in the Lemont Art Walk taking place next Friday (June 25th). My Smokey Row mural will be featured at none other than The Inn at Smokey Row.  I am so excited for the inn to finally receive some public recognition....and if it has to be done at my expense, well, I guess I will deal with that.  If you are in the area or wish to check out good old Historic Downtown Lemont, come by the inn and visit me.  I will also have the Hello Darling painting on display in its finished state (to be completed this week).  This is a great opportunity to see a Reenie Rose painting in person.  I hope I will get a chance to see you there! 

 Enjoy the weekend and the real start of summer!

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