Monday, June 14, 2010

Which project first?

Summertime is just a burst of energy for creative projects.  There's spring cleaning that brings on remodeling updates, wedding season and this urge to think outside the box...fresh and new.  Thankfully, many of these ideas have come my way...all at once.  Between blog posts, I have been trying to organize all of my projects while visiting friends, enjoying the start of summer weather and, a must mention, the Blackhawks winning the Stanley cup (yay!). 

A couple of weekends ago, I took a trip up to Traverse City, MI to visit some old college friends of mine for a girls weekend.  To kill two birds with one stone, I also had a painting project going on.  You may remember my involvement in the TC Parade of Homes last year where my surfer mural and flower baby's room were featured.  This year I am graciously being included again by my good friends, Dean and Tricia Adams of Bay Area Contracting.  The room I worked on was somewhat of a different project for me since it involved a more mature approach while still getting creative.  The homeowner's 21 year old daughter wanted something unique for the wall behind her bed.  After tossing around different ideas about painting on the wall, it was decided to paint on canvases instead to bring some dimension to the wall.  Below is the final product.  I hope to be showing a fully decorated room shot in the future (I'll be back up in TC for another mural this summer!).

On going projects include the Hello Darling painting, Brandon and Karen's bouquet painting, and (new to the list) a portrait for Father's Day.  Stay tuned for full updates on these projects as they progress.

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