Monday, September 27, 2010

Happy Anniversary x 3

A year ago today, Reenie Rose experienced something that was a little bit intense....3 weddings in one day.  So far you have seen 2 of these paintings, but today I bring you number 3.  I post this with some embarrassment since it has taken me a full year to complete this final painting from the trio day.  It has been the painting that I work on in between jobs, and since business has picked up, I found myself finishing this painting a day before my 1 year deadline.  Thus, I present to you Christine and Mike's painting.  A big thank you to them for not thinking I was a bad friend that blew off their wedding gift.  No, on the contrary, I've put a whole years worth of love into this piece....wink, wink.  Happy 1 year anniversary to Christine and Mike!

and Happy Anniversary to Natalie and Mike! 

and finally, Victoria and Zak!

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