Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Tacos for Turkeys

You may have noticed that I took a little siesta from blogging.....well I did, literally.  My family traveled to Mexico for the Thanksgiving holiday where we dined on tacos and tortillas for the very American holiday.  The resort was very generous though and indulged our traditions with a lovely Thanksgiving feast that made us all gracious for this food heavy holiday, as well as, the fact that we could be in such a tropical place this time of year.
So, now it's back to reality which does include snow and work.  I didn't have time to post before I left, so here is the current update on Stephanie and Russ's painting.  It's so appropriate for this post....a little bit of fall color with a burst of the tropics. 
I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday, wherever it was spent, and is as thankful as I am for all that we have.

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