Thursday, June 16, 2011

Anniversary Season?

With wedding season also comes anniversary season.  I figure, if you don't catch me the day you tie the knot, I have a lifetime of chances for you to redeem yourself with an anniversary painting.
This next painting is just that....a BIG one year anniversary gift.

Photo courtesy of Studio This Is

 Last year, I attended the lovely wedding of my former boss and gallery owner, Carrie Secrist.  This year, I am creating an extremely special painting from her hubby.  There are so many great things about this painting...1) it's a painting for a gallery owner/art lover....perfect; 2) it's my biggest piece yet....30 x 30 inches....perfect; 3) just take a look at the colors....perfect!!!

I've already sketched this bad boy in, and the details to come are going to be incredible.  This should be a very interesting barely fits on my easel!

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