Wednesday, March 21, 2012

More Michigan Adventures

Have I been m.i.a. lately?  I promise I haven't been continuing to follow the winter clock and hibernating during this early summer heat wave.  Ok, maybe I was shut indoors for extended periods of time while 80 degrees blazed on around me.  I promise though, I was doing it against my will!
Ok, that's another fib.  Let the truth come out....I was working under an alias by the name of Reeniebeans and fooling those around me into thinking I was a mural painter instead of a fine art painter.  Phew.  Feels good to be honest.

All last week I was in lovely Traverse City, Michigan, working on the coolest playroom ever.  I mean, seriously, who wouldn't want their own little cubby to play in.

My good friend Dean, owner of Bay Area Contracting,built this gorgeous house for Sarah, Mike and their daughter Maggie.  As a "thank you", he hired me to give them a little something extra in their home.  A playhouse in a play house for Maggie.

Above the opening of the playhouse are signs that Maggie can interchange when she wants to use her imagination and pretend her house is something else.  Lemonade anyone?

I think Maggie's going to have fun growing up in this playhouse.  What do you think?


  1. Seriously Cute!!! I am so excited to see it in person! I love the extra signs for her to change as she pretends. :)