Friday, March 23, 2012

Yay Rain!

Inspired by the perfect rain that is coming straight down and allowing me to keep all of my windows open, I thought I'd write my second blog post for the week.

Despite the grayness, I was lucky enough to get some sunshine in my life when I met with Viviana of Petal Play Design in Lemont yesterday.  Having grown up in Lemont and seen the ups and downs of businesses in town, it was so refreshing to sit with Viviana and talk to her about all of her successes.  Her shop is soooo lovely and transported me back to Paris filled with delightful little treasures.  Being so sweet, Viviana gave me a bit of this feeling to take home....
Nevermind that I "won" such a charming vintage arrangement by writing on her Facebook page during Valentine's day about my singledom woes.  I have a feeling she would have sent me home any day with a trinket that gave me the warm and fuzzys.  
Go stop by her store this instant and get yourself something that will take you to a brighter day.

Ok, I'll be honest....I'm kind of liking the rainy weather.  I makes working indoors so much easier.  With rain in the forecast today and tomorrow, productivity should be pretty high.  Expect a finished painting this weekend!

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