Friday, January 4, 2013

All-star Painting #1

With the new year laid out before us, it's time I introduced you to the first painting up for 2013.

I am pretty thrilled by the crowd of characters involved in making this painting happen.  First up, none of this would be happening without the clients that are playing the role of gift givers of such a lovely wedding gift.  I could lead you down the trail of who's who, but it's just much easier to say thank you Mike and Judy.

Whitney and Will thank you as well....they are our lucky couple.
Photo by Donna Von Bruening
Aren't they just the cutest!  For some of you foodies out there, you may recognize Whitney as a finalist from the Next Food Network Star show in 2011.  Since my mom and sister were regular watchers of that season, they were all to eager to inform me of my new painting owner.  I'll admit, I was a little giddie over the idea of a foodie star, though, no offense Whitney, I was a little more excited about the florist.  I mean, look at this bouquet...
Photo by Donna Von Bruening
Amazing!!!!  I have long since admired Brooklyn based florist Nicolette Camille and her work with Sarah Ryhanen from Saipua.  When I found out that Nicolette was the florist, I was all too anxious to see her magical creation.  She certainly did not disappoint with this wild beauty.  Now I find myself faced with a painting containing many new elements that I have never had before....such veiny leaves, curling tendrils and precious lily of the valley that were so important to the bride.  Thus, the composition:

Anyone out there want to put any time guesstimations on how long this one will take to paint?

How about now?

A big thank you to Donna Von Bruening for her fabulous photography.  When I can't be in New York to take my own photos, you definitely want someone as sweet as Donna to step in and get the job done.  I had so many fabulous images to work with, and she was just a gem at getting them to me.  
Now all there is left to do is paint and get to showing you the next one in line!

No really, anybody want to take a stab at a painting total time...anyone?

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  1. Six weeks? It would take me about 20 years (like I could ever do this!).