Saturday, January 12, 2013

Winter White : Colorful Summer

Yay it's the weekend!  Have any good plans going on?  I wish I could say I was going out to make snow angels and go skiing and have a snowball fight, but alas, we go another weekend without snow accumulation.  I mean, is anything really going to happen tomorrow?  I'm not so hopeful.  With this disappointing Chicago winter, I will stay indoors and continue painting while waiting for a few flakes.

After my last post about the Clementine ladies, I was notified that the images for a wedding I had worked with Kelly were available to view.  I just had to share these with you!  While we may not have a white winter, we definitely had a colorful summer...and Cher and Nick's wedding was no exception:

Isn't that bouquet amazing!!!!  Pulling off a rainbow colored wedding can be order to not come off tacky, but Cher and Nick combined with Clementine Events blended a perfect match of color and style.  It's so much fun to be a part of an incredible day like this.  To view more photos of Cher and Nick's day, jump over here.

And then there's my day job....which gets pretty incredible a different sort of way.

I'm chugging along on Whitney and Will's painting.  It's probably a good thing there isn't any snow for me to play in...I've got some work to do here!

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