Thursday, February 7, 2013

February Fundays

It's done!  It's complete!  It's finished!
Whitney and Will's painting took a total of 60 hours and 45 minutes to complete, and I couldn't be happier with the outcome.

This is one of those labor of love paintings that you just can't wait to be finished with, yet when it's done you go, "Now what?"  Well, I have a pile of stuff already banging on my door that is going to keep this painter busy busy busy for the next few months.  Some things to look forward to:

-I'm creating a custom painting especially for FORM: Art + Floral to be raffled off at our fundraising event in April.  I'm sketching it in now, so be ready for a composition post soon.
See this puppy transformed in black and white.

-A surprise painting I can't tell you about until it's revealed in April.  I love these kinds of surprises...the ones where I only know about them.

-A new painting from a wedding I actually worked back in November.  The couple was so sweet that I am so happy to have another hand in there wedding day.

-Get your Valentine's Day flowers at Petal Play Design on February 14th...and by flowers, I mean a painting!  Here's a hint....I will be painting one of the above mentioned new pieces and you will get a first look at it if you come out and visit me!

-Don't forget to rsvp to the Blooms and Brunch event I will be painting at on February 17th at Magnificent Milestones!  Nibbles, drinks and painting....what could be better!

This month is really dishing out some fun challenges.  I'll give you one more hint for something else coming up: radio.