Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Perfect Album: BrideBox

Second to having a fabulous painting as a daily reminder of your wedding are your photos.  While a painting fully encompasses the whole feel of a wedding, a photo album really captures the play by play of your entire wedding day.  It should be done well, and it should be done by the people who know you the best...you!  In comes BrideBox to assist you with making your wedding day photo album everything you wish it to be.

Wedding albums tell the story of your special day

Usually it is just a few large prints that get framed; slideshows requiring your family to huddle around a computer screen; flipping through a stack of proofs by hand and passing them around; or worse yet, a disc sitting in a drawer that is never used. While there are many ways to share your wedding photos, anything less than a wedding album doesn’t tell the whole story of your special day.

What is BrideBox? A company that helps brides and grooms capture the narrative of their wedding day with elegance and ease.

This is a new offer in the wedding industry. The idea of taking the photographer out of the album is scary to some brides. But DIY trends have opened up paths for couples to personalize every aspect of their wedding.

When it comes to something as personally meaningful as your wedding memories, why would you want someone else to create that for you?

The design of an album sets your photos apart, reflecting the personalities of you and your spouse. Most designs use a chronological narrative –showing your special day as it unfolded, from getting ready and the first look, to the ceremony and reception. This helps to remember the sequence of events. But as a couple the most important thing to reflect is what the day meant to you, and showcasing your images in a flush mount wedding album gives you the most out of your wedding photography. It’s an intuitive way to relive the memories of your special day.

As long as you have photo memories to protect, BrideBox is a great gift option. Not just for newly engaged couples but newlyweds and even just ‘weds’. All you need are digital photos, and you can showcase the photographer’s stunning work.

BrideBox albums are produced in a lab alongside professional photographers’ products. The only difference is, the time you put into deciding how your photos best deserve to be displayed. The photographic paper allows for smudges and fingerprints to be completely wiped away, just with a soft cloth. The pages will not fade, rip, tear or damage. All of your pictures are kept looking their best and available to display.

Be proud. Show off your wedding.

The best reasons to create your own wedding album:
-You know best how your photos should be displayed. You have your favorites and should display them how you want them.
-You control the design. This doesn’t mean it’s labor intensive; just your personal style and taste are able to shine through.
           -It’s all through a simple, easy-to-use software application. Download it for free, and pay nothing until you are ready to print. 

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