Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Registry for All!

With all this gift giving floating around, it wouldn't be right to not properly introduce you to Reenie Rose's newest website feature....the Registry.

I am so excited about providing this added service to my clients, and it really goes along with the group gift process that's been mentioned this week.  I don't know what your thoughts are about a registry, but when it comes to a group of people going in on a gift together, whether you are the receiver of said gift or the organizer of gathering the group, a registry makes the process so much easier.
Right here, right now, I am declaring my registry open to all individuals (not just engaged couples) looking to make getting a Reenie Rose painting soooo much easier.  Birthday coming up, no problem!  Create your own registry to send out to your guest list.  Going to a bridal shower and want to round up the bridesmaids to go in on a gift together....super!  Create that registry for the bride and make it easier for everyone to contribute to a gift.

Have I used the word "easy" already cause this process is pretty easy.  Choose a painting size, write a sweet message and share the link with all your friends and family.  They will be able to contribute a dollar amount they choose via Paypal.  Secure, timesaving and easy.

So, tomorrow when everyone but this single girl gets engaged, usher them over to Reenie Rose to start off their wedding planning, birthday list or I'm just a great person and deserve an awesome gift registry!!!  I'm thinking of going all Carrie Bradshaw and starting one for myself.

Happy mom received her daughter, Whitney's, painting yesterday. Given by good friends and loved by the family (at least mom so far).  Next wedding....a group gift registry is going to be considered so everyone can have a hand in this keepsake.  Start a tradition!!!

Don't forget to stop by Petal Play Design tomorrow between 11am-3pm to wish me a Happy Valentine's Day and see me get started on my next painting.  First sneak peak at the shop!

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