Friday, March 1, 2013

Martha Stewart Weddings Magazine Color Issue

We've made it to another Friday!  What are you looking forward to the most this weekend?  Me, I just got my glossy new Martha Stewart Weddings magazine in the mail, and it is just begging me to dive in.  It's their annual color issue, and I couldn't help flip through it and drool as all this beautiful color jumped out at me.  If you didn't know this already, I like color.

I was blown away by the florals in this issue and naturally gravitated toward wanting to share every bit of inspiration with you.  It was tough, but I held back a bit.
 I mean, look at this!  Love the ribbon!  You can have the perfect set of flowers put together for a bouquet, but when your add a backdrop wrapping or ribbon that makes a statement, somehow the whole bouquet comes together in such a dynamic fashion.  Have you seen the trending bouquets with big bows and wide ribbon lately?  I'd love to see more of these end up in my lap.  Can you imagine this one above as a painting with the ribbon as a gorgeous sentiment to part of the theme of the wedding? You'll have to check out the mag to see all the other cute black and white striped elements.

Nature never ceases to amaze me with all of its complexities.  MSW did a whole section on the "marbled" look, and would you believe it that there are flowers that slightly take on this characteristic.  These rose boutonnieres are darling with their complimentary hand-marbled ribbons.

I've been in a Parisian mode lately, and when I saw this image, I was instantly transported.  You can almost smell the lemon verbena leaves wafting from this arrangement.  I want to be in this photo.

I love when I come across a familiar name in the pages of a's like coming across an old friend.  Reenie Rose has already admired Bows and Arrows on "Bouquet a Day" on Facebook, but now they shine in the pages of MSW!  Though I've never met them before, I have long since thoroughly enjoyed their work and am so happy for the success of Adam and Alicia.

Finally, I thought this was so beautiful and perfectly stated that I rotated it and made it my desktop image.  Click on the image above to size your own version of a desktop background.  If you can't start your weekend off with flowers in hand, you might as well have them at your finger tips.

Since we're on a Martha Stewart kick, buy your tickets and mark your calendar for the Martha Stewart Wedding Party in Chicago.  I am so excited to be painting at this show next weekend and hope to meet a bunch of brides using the magazine for their bouquet inspiration.  The paintings will be stunning this season!!

Enjoy this first weekend of March and remember that spring is just around the corner.  Find some flowers to smell!

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