Friday, March 8, 2013

Secretly Painting

I'm gearing up for this weekend's Martha Stewart Wedding Party event.  Next week I'll post a recap with all of the generous individuals involved in making my booth beautiful (I have 4 different florists creating bouquets for me!).  In the meantime, go purchase your tickets before Sunday!

You may be wondering if I'm still actually painting since I haven't posted any updates lately and I've been galavanting around at events.  The thing is, I'm working on a surprise painting that I am unable to post about....a sweet 5 year anniversary gift.  So, the only way to catch this painting right now is to come to my painting events and see it in person.  Don't worry, once it's delivered in April, I will give a full rundown of it's process and the final outcome.  It is certainly springy!

I've also been withholding another painting I created that is completely outside my box for this exciting event....

In its second, consecutive year, FORM: ART + floral returns with a show unlike any other.  Friday, April 5th from 6-9pm, the Chicago Artists' Coalition will play host to FORM's newest show: CMYK.  Once again, pairing up artists and florists, you will see on view 10 pieces of black and white art matched to their corresponding floral arrangements in full color.  In addition, we have several food and beverage vendors that have joined us to make the evening one to remember.  The cherry on top is that this year we are making FORM a fundraiser with all proceeds going to benefit the CAC.  It will be an evening with good art, good food and drink for a good cause.

So, I created the above piece especially for the event.  As one of the organizers, I wanted to be involved as an artist, but let's be honest, my paintings don't come anywhere close to being simply black and white.  I wanted to make something a little different while still showing off my skill as a master of painting flowers.  I always love when I'm painting in something that just seems to pop out of the background and look almost 3-dimensional, so I decided to go with that idea for this piece.  The flowers and painting as a whole are suppose to look like they are slowly coming to life.

I'll be honest....I am very uncomfortable and self-conscious about this piece.  My bouquet paintings have a plan to them that I follow to a tee.  With this puppy, I took a different approach and painted what "felt right".  Ugh, I really don't like working that way and the unpredictability that comes with it...but I think it worked.  At least, I hope it worked.  What do you think about this piece?

If you love it, the good news is that you'll have a chance to win it!  We are hosting a raffle to win this piece in an effort to further raise funds for the CAC.  You'll have to come out to try your luck.  Personally, I'm most excited to see which florist I'm paired up with and what they create to compliment my's just asking to be next to some color!

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