Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Do You Want a FREE Print?

You know what I love most in this world (besides ponies and kitties)?  Referrals.  Particularly booked referrals.  There's nothing better than someone loving your business so much that they pass it on to someone else and are able to pass it on successfully enough to have this client book with you without ever really encountering you or your product in person.  I always feel minorly guilty because there isn't much work for me to do in the "sales department" when this happens.  I just sit back and let the clients come to me.  Ok, not really, but it is such a treat to have clients fall into your lap via the nudge of someone who's work you already admire.

In order to show my thanks and appreciation to the vendors that support me in this matter, I gift them a print of the painting when a client books with me.  I'm really killing two birds with one stone here: I get some business out of the deal while they receive a complimentary piece of art that shows their own work.

I recently had two print deliveries to a couple of my sweet vendor friends.  Having them unwrap this gift was almost as exciting as seeing the client with their painting.
First up was Sharokina of City Girl Weddings.  Besides working Anna and Wade's wedding, Shar also suggested my painting services.  You'll remember Anna and Wade's painting and the reveal:

This print is going to look so pretty in Shar's office!


Last week I delivered a print of Kaitlyn and Mike's painting to Jenna at Avant Gardenia.

She was busy making pretties for that weekend's wedding.
I was delighted to receive a text from her later that evening all excited about having found the perfect spot for her print at home.

These ladies have some seriously awesome style in their homes and offices...and now I am an added bonus!

So, if you are a wedding vendor of sorts, you can't lose with a simple referral.  If you are not a wedding vendor and still want to pass on the Reenie Rose love, by all means, DO IT!!!  I am most certainly not against rewarding anyone that supports my business.  I tend to give sets of note cards because they are pretty and super handy.
If I can ever share your business love, please let me know.  This world needs a little more back scratching and sharing, and I will be the first to support it!

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